My goal is to help you, your pet, and your vet live the best life imaginable.

And thank you for visiting my website and blog. My name is Katie Hogan and I am a veterinarian that is passionate about helping animals and their human companions. My goal is to help you, your pet, and your vet live the Best Life imaginable.

Here is what my blog and website can offer YOU:

For Pet Owners, I will share resources on pet care of all the species I work with (dogs, cats, exotic companion mammals, and reptiles), tips on how to get the most out of your bond with your pet, and an inside glimpse on what it is like to work in the veterinary profession.

For Vets & other veterinary professionals, I will share some stories from the trenches, give recommendations of resources to help you be the best vet you can be, and hopefully even offer some advice along the way.

Join me for this ride, won’t you? I will post every Sunday and Thursday- I hope that most of my posts will be short and sweet, inspiring, and informative for my readers!

Cheers to living our BestLives!


Katie Hogan, DVM



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