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An Update for My Readers (with some exciting news!)

Hey sports fans, I know that it has been a little while since my last educational and fun blog post about pet parent and veterinary life.

But fear not, I have more great content coming up in the near future, and I have a couple of exciting announcements. Please read to the end to find out what to expect in the upcoming months and to learn how you can help me help you!

Firstly, I have partnered with CincyPet Magazine to provide them with online content.

I am very excited and hopeful that collaborating with this online platform will help me reach a wider audience, drive additional traffic to this blog, and enable me to reach my goal of helping pets, thier owners, and thier vets live the best lives imaginable!

Don’t worry- I will still be providing high-quality, relevant content right here on this site for my regular readers. My goal is to write at least one time per week on this platform, and also open up my social media presence!

Secondly, Jen and I are MOVING in March!

We are staying in the Northern Kentucky area and keeping our current jobs, although our commutes have gotten a bit longer. We are moving to a ten acre farm that already has established outbuildings and will make a PERFECT horse farm and homestead for us. Our dream has always been to have horses and farm animals at our home, and we are so excited for where this journey will take us!

Until we are fully moved, my posting updates may seem a little sporadic. I need your help to help me deliver content during this crazy transitional period! First, could you follow my Instagram @KatieHoganDVM. That is the best way to get updates on our move and what we are currently working on around the farm and online! 

Secondly, will you COMMENT on this post with questions or topics you’d like to have addressed on my pet parent guide? Do you want to hear more about why your dog scoots his rear on the carpet? Are you dying for more information about how to find out if you should adopt or buy your next pet? Comment on this post and let me know what YOU want to read about, because this website is built for YOU (my readers). 

Thanks for reading this update! Please take a moment to follow my Instagram and comment on this post with questions or topic ideas, it would help me greatly as we move forward with some exciting ventures over the next couple of Months! 

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  1. Lindsey Behee

    You living on a horse farm is absolutely perfect. Happy for you guys!

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