Hey, y’all!

A LOT has happened since I last updated this blog back in 2018. Here are the quick versions of what you need to know as you stay tuned for the new content and insight I will be bringing you from now through 2020.

For starters… I got married! Jen and I tied the knot on September 13, 2018, in Miami, Florida at Crandon Park Beach. It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony with our closest family and friends. Of course, that year has flown by and we recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary!

Franklin grew up into a big, strong dog! He is no longer the sickly puppy that had a brush with nearly fatal hypoglycemia and is now 5.5 pounds of fluff and sass.

I got a new job! After a lot of soul-searching, prayer, and introspection about where I wanted my career to go, I left Noah’s Ark Animal Clinics and started at Grady Veterinary Hospital on June 1, 2019.

We joined a church! Jen and I have been looking for an accepting and christ-centered church ever since we started dating. In May 2019, we made some new friends at a yardsale (of all places), and they invited us to go to Florence Christian Church. We soon became ministry partners and have loved being involved with the congregation and having a weekly opportunity to center ourselves and praise our God.

A lot has changed for me, and you should start seeing some changes around my website and blog as well!

  1.  A fresh, new theme and design! The new theme has made it easier for me to blog about all of my varying interests to multiple different audiences. You will start seeing more posts for veterinarians and veterinary teams, as well as posts that fit with  content you’d normally find on a “lifestyle blog.” Don’t worry- I will still continue to bring pet owners details and information about how to be the best pet parents that they can be!
  2.  A new name- I’ve dropped the “A Pet’s Best Life,” and decided to list my blog under my URL. This new site is now KatieHoganDVM.com. Plain and simple!
  3.  I may talk about God sometimes, especially in reference to how my relationship with God has helped me in my personal life and career. However, my goal is to never come across as “preachy.” I know that many people have a complicated relationship with religion. All are welcome here, regardless of what you believe. I am a religious person, but this is not a religious blog.
  4. A new frequency- and schedule- of posts. I am going to dedicate my time to this blog and PLEDGE to post bi-weekly here every TUESDAY and FRIDAY!

I hope that you guys are as excited as I am to see some new content and features coming soon! Please join my mailing list so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest news and offers directly from me. Have a great week my friends!

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